Sunday, December 23, 2012

No one cried this year

What's Christmas without a little vicious friendly competition. This year's gingerbread construction produced some of the  finest work from the Morleys (and two Walters) to date. And though we're  all extremely proud of our efforts, we want to know who is the the most talented and amazing family member. So if you would, take a minute and vote for your favorite Christmas Creation.

Entry: A

The real star of this Three Little Pigs artistic interpretation is the Big Bad Wolf
Entry B:
A Christmas Crossing
Entry C:
Let down your long licorice
Entry D:

Roving Mars
Entry E:
The only actual house this year

Entry F:
Plaaaaaaaaaay ball

Which candy creation conquers all?

Also, this:
I sent out 25 and then gave up, so I'm sorry if you didn't get an actual tangible copy. I realize now that I should have worn a more feminine shirt for this picture because I'm dangerously close to passing as a Man.
Have a Merry Christmas. 


  1. impressive. i voted for the baseball stadium. Nick Morley? I think yours was the bridge. Am I right?


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