Wednesday, December 26, 2012


At eleven months old Ivy takes one or two steps before getting freaked out and switching to a crawl. She knows hot to unlock iphones and delete apps.
She says "Mom" and I think  she might actually know what it means.
She likes to turn book pages even if you haven't read the entirety of the text on said pages.
She loves chicken, cheese, clementines, avacadoes and bread.
She has two teeth on top and four on  bottom.
Her six month clothing finally fits and she'll keep her shoes on if tied tight enough.
She likes to giggle and squirm during diaper changes. If she hears adults laughing, she tries to join in with a big, fake "ha ha ha ha."
She insists on making this face at every person she sees:

I have no idea where she learned it.

She's getting friendlier toward new people but still cries if I leave the room.
Church with Ivy is a wrestling match and she always wins.
She only sitsstill if she's really tired or is playing with an electronic device.

Christmas with  Ivy was a blast. She didn't quite understand presents but she acted happy and excited all the same, playing with wrapping paper and ribbons, and every once in a while glancing at at her new (many) toys.

At one month shy of a year, she's more fun than  ever,and I honestly don't know what I did with out her.

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