Monday, January 23, 2012

so many lemons

In the last week I've promised six different strangers that I would bring in my new baby to their workplace so that they can admire her. The three tellers at Key Bank, two different cashiers at Safeway, and the teenage girl who took our order at Five Guys. The interaction with the Five Guys girl was my favorite, because she added "Treat her like a princess and she'll love you forever." I don't know how sound that advice is, but it was sweet.
I don't anticipate missing many things about pregnancy, but I think I will miss the niceness bestowed by everyone everywhere I go. Even if the strangers don't say anything, they offer knowing, loving smiles.

In other news, I've progressed pretty much not at all, and it looks like my due date while come and go whilst Ivy remains in utero. We were discussing her arrival during the ultra sound today when Dr. N said, "Look! She's showing you her middle finger!". Coincidence?


  1. I was dilated not at all and not effaced the day before my due date. Next day (on my due date!) I started having contractions every 5 minutes. It was like clockwork. I remember other people who were due at the same time I was posting status updates like "somehow I'm already dilated to a 5 like magic and it looks like baby's coming early!" and wanting to give them the middle finger. So I feel your pain. Here's hoping she picks sooner rather than later!

  2. :) oh that ivy! what a character! good luck Meg!!


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