Thursday, January 12, 2012

i asked her her name

Kelly, my pedicurist, asked what we plan to name our baby. When I told her Ivy, she said "All of my friends named Ivy are very pretty and very wild. They like to go to the bars and are very sexy." I find it incredible that she has more than one friend named Ivy and that they are all sexy drinkers. Seriously, guys, this name is turning out to pack a serious punch. Not only was it revealed on Gossip Girl (Spoiler alert) that Serena's "cousin" is actually the evil Ivy from Florida, who maybe isn't really evil but is at least deceptive, but also apparently, according to these reliable sources (click) I.V.Y. stands for Illuminati's Very Youngest. If I learned anything from the DaVinci code, besides, you know THE FACTS, it's that the Illuminati is sketchy. So are we, by naming our daughter after what we thought was a plant, dooming her to a life of Beyonce baby overshadowment, cultdom and wild partying? I don't know any more.

The good news is that I got my hair did, my toe nails are lovely, and I even splurged for a manicure. Because what's more important than being well polished while giving birth?
The bad news is that I'm still pregnant. 


  1. I like her name. And you should know that one of the names we've selected for one of our girls is apparently a boy name. And I just can't care too much, so neither should you. If your baby is a sexy drinker, more power to her!

    Good luck to you with childbirth! And good job for taking care of yourself. Cause heaven knows I haven't shaved my legs in months and probably won't any time soon. (TMI? I don't know. My legs are just too dang itchy, so I've decided to forgo the whole smooth legs thing.. for possibly several months. I guess I'm glad it's winter.)

  2. Ah, thanks for liking the name and thanks for wishing me luck. I need it...


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