Wednesday, January 4, 2012

like some cat from Japan

Dear Baby Ivy,
So listen. It's been 37 weeks. And what a 37 weeks, amirite? It's been a real pleasure serving as your dwelling these past nine months. But it has been nine months. And as of tomorrow, you are totally in the clear to make your big debut. Girl, it's time. Are you nervous? Don't be. I promise we don't care if you're bald. And while I can't guarantee that we know what we're doing, I can offer food, shelter and a whole bunch of pink clothing. Let me entice you with materialism for a moment, if I may.

Look what your dad got you for Christmas:

Look at the view from your crib:

Look at these shelves filled with YOUR stuff:

Plus we have a Play Station. And a dog. Beats a placenta and cramped womb if you ask me.
Still not sure? Ok, I didn't want to bring this up, cause I don't want to give you any sort of body image issues. But the truth is, you're gaining weight, which is really great, but not so great for my maternity tops that don't fit any more or the aching back that wakes me up once every hour.
So you just let us konw when you're ready. We'll be here.


  1. your baby is going to be the baby of all babies. my mom said the baby shower was so cute, i wish i could have come. i am so excited for you!

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  3. I wanna know if you got into the crib to take that pic. My money is on yes :)

  4. McKenzie, Thanks so much. Allyson, yell louder. She can't hear you. Ellie, I'll never tell. Brittney, I love you.


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