Tuesday, January 24, 2012

jump. shout.

Did you know that you can be in labor but not be in labor enough? It's a fun lesson we learned after being sent home from the hospital at 2 am last night. The instructions the nurse gave us were "Come back when the contractions are unbearable." I'm starting to look at being admitted to the birth center as very much like being let in to an ultra exclusive club, but instead of being unbelievably famous or beautiful, the requirement for getting through the front door is hunching over in agony, yelling expletives and turning blue in the face.


  1. We got sent home from the hospital once too. Worst.feeling.ever. So sorry.

  2. You're so close! I'll be hiking of you.

  3. i learned that to. blah. the nurse said, "come back when you're can't talk through a contraction." i wanted to hit her in the face.


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