Thursday, May 7, 2009

your mama's hair's so nappy she has to take a painkiller to comb her head.

This morning I woke to a feeling of utter panic, a paper due in hours with only a rough outline completed. With dread I hurriedly rushed through the morning routine, pulling up my email to see if today was the day Obama had finally stumbled across my blog and decided to knight me "Madam Meg the Magnificent." But what I found was better. Unbelievable you say? You may not believe it's not butter, but believe this: Class cancelled! God loves me, I thought. "God loves you" Jenny said. So much time to get things done, a day full of opportunity, productivity at last. So I've been hard at work watching Twilight parodies, researching Biz Markie and Flight of the Concords, walking to Crest twice, shelling pistachios, texting my mom, and eating baby carrots. I have a meeting in 2 hours with business executives who want to review my writing samples. So far I have half a page, double-spaced. 

In EVEN BETTER news, is the top search result when I ego search myself on google. I finally beat the London-based belly dancer. Modest is the hottest  kids.


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  2. Dear Meg,

    I think you're pretty cool. And definitely cooler than a belly-dancer.

  3. when i typed meg morley into a google search, i got the belly dancer.

  4. Meg, I hate to break it to you, but if you're signed into your Google account (gmail, blogspot, etc), then Google tracks your searches and gives you top results that are the most fitting to sites you've previously chosen in your web searches.

  5. you're hysterical. so glad we're friends in cyberspace.


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