Thursday, March 13, 2014

The IJT Crew

So last week we were in Utah. Stephen for a weekend, Ivy and I for about ten days while I worked on a project. Ivy and I flew home and Stephen drove back to Colorado with Ollie. Actually he drove to Rawlins, Wyoming, and then the car broke down. The next morning a mechanic diagnosed our beloved Subaru with busted engine, and Stephen and Ollie were forced to ride in the cab of a tow truck while a man named Ed drove my husband, dog, and car home. Stephen described Ed as "swearing like a sailor" and "not a big fan our current president," but a friendly guy and competent tower. So my husband and my dog made it home and the car made it to the shop. 

Then yesterday we received this in the mail:



Something about "Please don't hesitate to call us again" strikes me as hilarious. The thought of someone thinking, "Should I call a tow truck today?" as though anyone ever has a choice. It is only the most desperate of circumstances that causes us to call a towing company, and I doubt many people spend much time, if any, choosing between crews. Honestly I don't think there are crews to choose from in Rawlins, Wyoming. John and Kathy most certainly have a corner on that market. 

But the card is a nice gesture, and if I ever find myself with a dead car in the middle of I-80, I will be sure to call IJT. I'll even ask for Ed. However Ed did mention to Stephen that Rawlins is getting too crowded for him, so he may not be available much longer.  

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