Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just an obnoxious mom post

I think Ivy is destined for a managerial career. Earlier she pulled out her coloring book, handed me a crayon, then pointed on the page where I was to color. Why do yourself what you can instruct someone to do for you, right?

Or perhaps work in the field of veterinary science. Today she asked the dog, "Ollie, what are you doing?" Then she berated him for napping. "Ollie! NO!" she said while pointing her finger sternly.

Maybe she'll be an actor. I asked her if she needed a new diaper and she started to say "yes," then remembered that she hates diaper changes, and quickly changed her answer to "no." It would have been convincing had she not made that earlier slip.

And let's hope that she continues to develop her already impressive musical abilities. Such rhythm. Such vocal talent.

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