Monday, August 26, 2013

And we're back

I forgot how much I like our Colorado home. While driving from DC to Salt Lake to spend a week with family (Ivy and I flew), Stephen made a pit stop at our apartment and sent me a text that read, "I feel like a king. Our apartment feels like the Hampton's". As in, we have so much space. So much cheap, rural, quiet, non-humid space. And props to our sub-letters for leaving this place in mint condish. I mean sure, I keep finding long dark hairs in the bathroom and we have a drain that doesn't, but they sure went above and beyond for never having put down a deposit.
Ivy spent all last night and most of this morning running from room to room, squealing at the toys we left behind.
Ollie rediscovered his stash of raw hide bones and is currently passed out on the floor in sleepy bliss.
Stephen left for his first day of his final year of law school.

And even though I'm the world's worst law school wife and constantly complain about loans and missing Utah and missing DC and the lack of In and Out or decent tacos in this state, I'm feeling really happy to be home with my kitchen-aid and my bed and my family. 

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