Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three deary year-ies

As of yesterday, Stephen Walter and I have been married for three years. Three years feels like we're no longer marriage rookies, so the day called for some big time celebration. It  was my turn to plan a surprise evening, and I did real good if I may say so myself. We started the night with sushi, and when I say sushi I mean SUSHI. Like, Jiro dreams of this sushi. How, you might be asking yourself, is it possible to get great sashimi in Denver? Fly it in from Tokyo, duh, which is what Sushi Den does. Get this: they have a buyer who goes to the Tokyo fish market everyday to pick the freshest fish and then ships it in a twenty four hour cycle. So it's no wonder that the ginger tuna made us cry with sheer joy  and the red dragon roll gave us a glimpse into the heavens.
After dinner we sipped some hot chocolate at a hipster coffee shop across the street and mourned the end of the sushi.
Then we went bowling, obviously. When two people bowl for an hour, it's about 3 games, and by then end of those sixty minutes I had to use both arms to lift the ten pound ball. But Stephen bowled like the bowling aficionado that he is and beat me all three rounds (beat me as in won, not as in hit me in the face). Luckily we've been married long enough that I can rejoice in his successes, though I would like to win someday. I can always dream, I guess.
Anyway, I took zero pictures of the evening because sushi photographs about as well as (insert your least favorite scary looking celebrity) and the bowling ally was poorly lit. So as far as you know I made this whole thing up and we really spent the night watching Real Housewives of Des Moines on opposite sides of the couch. I guess you'll have to trust me...

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  1. 1) Best wedding ever. Just thought I'd say that for the billionth time
    2) You guys are the best, and just move next door to me already.


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