Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fat bottom pup

What do you do when someone you love has a weight problem?
What do you do when that someone is a dog?

Ollie refuses to exercise. It took him two years, but he finally figured out that we can't make him move. So every time I attempt to take him for a light jog, he plants himself on the ground and looks toward the apartment.

It doesn't help that Ivy's favorite past time is sharing fruit snacks, bagels and graham crackers with her furry friend.

In related news, Stephen-slice and Ivy-hizzle surprised me with Mastering The Art of French Cooking for Mother's day, and I'm about to make my third cake in a week. Guess how many sticks of butter Ms. Child's icing recipe calls for: (hint: the number of thumbs you have, unless you've been in a terrible accent and lost a hand, in which case I apologize for reminding you of what must be a really painful memory)/


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