Friday, April 26, 2013


First, this happened:

If you know who the Fug Girls are, you probably understand my elation. If you don't know who the Fug Girls are, I can't recommend this site enough (sorry about the name, Mom). And, BTW, here's the photo being discussed:

That's J. Biebs in the mask

Also, this song has all the makings of music I usually despise and the video is really not good, but I just can't get enough:

What is wrong with me?

And speaking of songs, Ivy is obsessed with music. Yesterday I was sitting on the couch and she grabbed my hand, led me down the hall to the bedroom, pointed at the ipod and started bouncing up and down. Her favorite tunes so far are Adele,  Beastie Boys and Justin Timberlake. Sadly she seems to have inherited my sense of rhythm, so her moves looks like the sporadic gestures of an injured drunkard. That doesn't sopt her from insisting that we listen to music all day every day. When she's tired of one song, she grabs my hand, yanks me toward the ipod and waits for a new song while I hit Shuffle again.

This photo is in no way related to this post.

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  1. Speaking of that song, there is a funny you tube video that uses it. Here's the link: or you can google Cat Jump Fail. It's hilarious! I can't stop watching it, it's so funny!


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