Thursday, April 11, 2013

Careful feeling the cat's wiry whiskers

Ivy has a favorite book. It's called Touch and Feel Pets. Each page has a photo of an animal with some sort of material attached. The bunny has a furry tail, the goldfish has scales and the parakeet feels like a pool table. Ivy mimics my reading voice, a sing-songy up and down cadence, while running her fingers over the dog's silky coat. And then she grabs my hand, finds two fingers and places them on the assorted textures.  She's sharing the experience, and it's so cute that part of me dies and the other part forgets about her tipping over Ollie's water and using a blue crayon to draw on the white couch and throwing toast at my face. For a minute anyway.


  1. Let's meet some friendly pets!

  2. I'm excited to see Ivy all grown up this summer!

  3. This post should really be entitled, "What it's like to be a parent."

    Because, really, they do all this semi-awful stuff and then on the other hand, they're so cute you could squish them. So.

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