Monday, March 18, 2013

No butts about it

Let's start with the good news.

The good news is that the sun FINALLY showed itself last week so we spent a lot of time in the park.

Ivy loves the grass and swings and running away as fast as she can. I love getting out of the apartment.

Now the bad news.

The bad news is that people are still crazy. Last week I spent hours telling forum members to stop posting pictures of human derrieres. Maybe this story needs context? I'll take it from the top:

It started when a user changed her avatar to a picture of a lady's bum in some undies. Not necessarily offensive, just kind of obnoxious.  I was  willing to let it slide, but I starting receiving complaints from other members. So I asked her to take it down.  And then  the internet exploded. Remember The Boss? He posted this:

To the Clueless Prude who forced removal of the ______'s avatar: Screw you and your prudish morals. There was nothing wrong with that picture.


As a show of solidarity, and to stand up against such bull****, ______ has changed his avatar.

If this post is moved, locked or banished ... if I am asked to change it, if it is forcibly changed - I will not be back.

Will. Not. Be. Back.

As a show of solidarity against the abomination known as censorship, I urge you all to push the limits with a new avatar.

That is all.

As a show of solidarity against the abomination known as censorship, he changed his avatar to a close up of a man'ts speedo-clad pelvis. And as a show of solidarity against the abomination known as censorship, other users changed their avatars to butts, bosoms and everything else that might make a seventh-grader giggle.

At this point I wanted to set my computer on fire. Instead I posted this:

While this may not be a family forum, people who use this forum have families and should be comfortable accessing the site from home. At the very least this site needs to be safe for work.

I appreciate a good mooning or speedo shot as next as the next person, but please change your avatars to something we'd all feel comfortable having our children or coworkers see.


In response the users changed their avatars to nuns, women in burkas,and faces with CENSORSHIP stamped across mouths. And no, The Boss has not returned. 

How was your week?


  1. Seriously!? Who is this guy!?

  2. Seriously!? Who is this guy!?

  3. Don't censor my bum! My bum has a lot to say!

  4. Seriously!? Who is this guy!?

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