Monday, March 11, 2013

Let me oblige

Because you're probably dying to hear more about my job as a website moderator:

There's a user who refers to himself in third person only. I can't tell you his exact username, but I can tell you it's very similar to The Boss.  So he starts every post with "The Boss thinks" or "The Boss says" and then doles out some wisdom. It's weird. And I would feel bad blogging about his weirdness if he weren't also incredibly rude. His wisdom is often very patronizing, and although the ridiculousness  makes me laugh when I read "The Boss says you're wrong and stupid and should be more like me", it makes others mad.

Another user was so upset with the way I was running things that she edited all 8,764 of her posts to read:
"If you are not allowed your very own opinion without explaining yourself to death to others that don't matter, Then is it really worth it? Some people just do not get it, and they never will, because it is always about them and their ways," in big, red letters.
Do you know how long it takes to edit 8,764 posts? Let's say thirty seconds per post, assuming she's deleting the original post then copying and pasting her little love note. That's 4,382 minutes. 73 hours. 3.04 days. In a way I'm kind of honored that someone hates me so much that they are willing to spend three consecutive days destroying my online cred. But mostly I'm just terrified.

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