Monday, October 29, 2012

Why my husband and I were meant for each other

Stephen has an amazing, recently discovered gift. He has the ability to decipher the celebrity voice narrating every commercial on television. That is to say, he can describe the physical attributes and character traits associated with each celebrity narrating the commercials but can not name them because Stephen is really REALLY terrible with names. I, however, am really REALLY excellent with names, especially famous ones. So Stephen hears the commercial, says something like, "The Office, Tall guy," and I shout, "John Krasinski!" Or he says, "Home Improvement, drugs, prison," and I declare, "Tim Allen!"
So yeah. Soul mates.


  1. Way to tag team those commercials.

  2. My sisters and I used to play a game during sacrament meeting where we would try and guess who was saying the opening and closing prayers without opening our eyes, and try and guess their physical description if we didn't know them. We played for years and never got better at it.

  3. Thanks, Zach. Brooke, there was a guy in our ward who sounded just like Tom Hanks and so whenever he prayed I felt like Meg Ryan.


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