Friday, October 19, 2012

3 weeks...

TGIF, can I get an amen? What a week. Being an undecided voter in a swing state is not as awesome as one might think. Turns out being in part responsible for picking the next leader of the free world is a little more stressful than picking the next American Idol. Speaking of reality television, in a completely shocking turn of events, Jef with one F and Emily of The Bachelorette have broken up. When you've finished sobbing enough to at least see through your tears, you can read my thoughts on the split here. But back to politics. The debate Tuesday night reminded me a lot of childhood when my siblings and I would play board games and argue about the rules and eventually someone would pull someone's hair. After that incredibly awkward ninety minutes I was ready to write in Pill Pulman in Independence Day on my ballot. So I was relieved to see the following clip from the Al Smith dinner and be reminded that there is some semblance of civility left between the these two men. I don't know where to find Obama's speech. Sorry.

Who are you voting for? I'd love to hear your rational reasons for doing so. If you tell me that Obama's an ignorant communist or Romney's a heartless flip-flopper I won't take you seriously. But I would really love to hear why you think one man would make a better leader than the other.


  1. Sara and I will likely be voting for Romney. Not because we're his biggest fans, but because the economy really is the most pressing issue at the moment, and he has a more successful economic history. Sara sides more with Obama on some of the social issues, but believes that a strong economy is the backdrop for being able to worry about some of the social stuff.

  2. Like Sara, I side with Obama on a lot of things. I just can't tell at this point if Romney's economic history as a private businessman will translate to success as president.

  3. Meg,

    I'm voting for President Obama. Like you, I agree with him on many issues, though certainly not all! But I feel that the things that are most important to me are closer to his values: education, social programs, decreased military spending, women's rights, environment, etc, etc.

    And as far as the economy, I'll be honest--I don't know what to believe. And I have little confidence that anyone really knows what will happen or has the power to control the economy. There are better and worse decisions, but neither Obama nor Romney can predict the future nor control what will happen to the economy in the big picture. In my view. So while the economy is important, it is not my deciding factor. Mostly, I think the more equal and egalitarian a society the better off the people--not only in terms of GDP, but in levels of education, life expectancy, social, economic and gender equality, etc. within a society (measured in indexes like the HDI). These are important to me. It is not just the economy that makes a society function well. And in other areas I definitely have more confidence in Obama.

    I say, best of luck to whoever gets the job! Wouldn't want it to be me. That's for sure!

    Good luck deciding!!! Get out there and swing your state girl :)

    (sorry for the long comment. hope it makes sense.)

  4. Don't be sorry for the long comment. It's exactly what I'm looking for. Well thought out, respectful opinions. Thank you


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