Sunday, October 14, 2012

A national security update

Good news everyone: Gerber is not participating in chemical warfare. Their baby food is just baby food and not liquid anthrax. Thank Heavens Ivy's banana breakfast was in a four ounce jar (.5 ounces over the limit) and subject to TSA testing or we'd all still be laying awake at night in fearful wonder, amirite?


  1. Ok, so I have to share. Imagine this. You are going on a cruise. It is paid for by your mother-in-law. It is 7 days long (with a travel day on either side).

    Your baby is 8 months old. Eating lots of baby food.

    Good so far, right? Until you realize that cruises do not stock baby food.

    So, you bring a week's worth of baby food in your carry-on (because you can't risk not having food for your child if your checked bag got lost), knowing you will have to explain why you are really REALLY over the limit on liquids to TSA.

    We only barely convinced them to let us take it all. Bennett and I were both grateful. I'm not sure the cruise would have been as much fun if I had had to go back to exclusively nursing an 8-month old, 23 lb. baby.

  2. SERIOUSLY. I get the importance of security screenings, but sealed baby food? Really?


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