Monday, May 7, 2012

I have been looking for a good embroidered blue USA cap

I'm usually pretty good at recognizing a scam. I've never given money to a Nigerian prince, I never answer the phone when it's an area code I don't recognize and I never open mail that says I'm pre-approved for anything, so I don't know how the representative from VacMax 30000 ended up in our living room. A complete lapse in judgment I guess.The woman who called to set up the appointment promised a $500 gift card just for letting a sales guy give a presentation. I figured it would be a 10 show and then we'd collect our reward. However when the tattooed, wolf-smiled salesman was 45 minutes into his pitch, I  realized he would probably never leave and we'd have to pull out the air mattress and find some spare linens. Luckily, by some sort of miracle he realized that we're renters, in law shool and not in any sort of position to buy $3200 vacuum. He was unhappy, to put it lightly, that he'd wasted his time and breath on a couple of good-for nothings, and couldn't huff of here fast enough. But he did leave the promised $500 gift card. $500 to Let's look at what I can buy, shall we?


Looks like I'll get my holiday shopping done early this year, and only pay $300 in shipping!

To add insult to injury, Stephen really wants a VacMax 3000.


  1. It's no $3200 vaccuum (did this thing vacuum your whole house unassisted? Sheesh! What's worth 3 grand?!), but we recently attended a home & garden show and a couple of green smoothies & a cup of soup later, Justin "buying new is for losers" Wilson was pretty sold on the $500 vitamix blender.

  2. $3200 for a seriously powerful vacuum. Like, industrial strength. I would vacuum all the time cause it's so fun to use.


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