Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pictured below is my aunt Shauni with her family:

Shauni is young, beautiful, the mother to all four of those children, and today she's going through her sixth and final chemotherapy treatment.

I doubt that anyone, when making goals says to themselves, "I'd really like to go through chemo." We do things like run marathons and swim accross channels to push ourselves mentally and physically and to find our limits. Yet I don't think there's anything more limit revealing or taxing on a body than what Shauni's gone through these past long months. And while it's not anything any of us would ever willingly sign up for, she's handled it with all the strength and endurance of a champion.

It's terrible and shocking that a young, beautiful mother of four young children can get breast cancer. But I hope that after today Shauni can feel a little bit proud. She's done what even the fastest runner or strongest swimmer would be afraid to, and she deserves a medal.


  1. She does deserve a medal. My mother in law and grandma both had breast cancer. I was just a baby when my grandma passed away but I'm sure she fought hard. We lived with my in laws while my mother in law was going through all her chemo and radiation treatments. I know what it can do to a person. Everyone that goes through that deserves a medal.

  2. PS: I hope your aunt's cancer goes away and stays away.


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