Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i'm a lot like you

Stephen: "You have flour on your shirt"
Me: "Where?"
Stephen: "The bottom of your shirt" (watches me search)...
Stephen: "You can't see the bottom of your shirt, can you?"
Me: "No."

No, I can't. I can't see anything beyond the mound that is my torso. That makes 7/8 of my body vulnerable to kick-me signs, and while I'd like to believe that no one would kick a pregnant woman, I've been wrong before. I'm scared.

Also, sometimes Ollie dresses like an ewok:


  1. Oh Ollie, he's such a movie star...

  2. i just love your blog!! that picture of ollie...hilarious.

  3. I am often amazed at what Ollie can manage to do by himself without thumbs...

  4. Rachel, he knows he's a movie star.
    McKenzie, thanks so much for reading.
    Brad, believe it or not, he puts this on himself.


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