Thursday, June 2, 2011

It doesn't come in a jar, bug juice comes from who you are

Sometimes I wake up with very nostalgic songs stuck in my head. This morning it was the Bug Juice theme song. Bug Juice was Disney Channel's first (and I believe only) reality show. It followed a group a pre-teens through their adventures at summer camp, and contained what was probably the most controversial occurance in Disney Channel history; Jessica was sent home from camp early. We never found out why, but my friends and I all had our theories (boys, drugs, espionage), and we talked about it for months. Bug Juice was second only to Heavy Weights in terms of aweseome media representation of Summer Camp. Oh Your Shorts was also pretty solid (and completed the Nickelodeon trifecta with Hey Dude and Clarissa Explains it All). And so were both Parent Traps. So I guess it's hard to determine the order of awesomeness in Summer Camp shows. They were all amazing. But does anyone actually go to summer camp? Or is it a fictitious world that exists only in art (Like Narnia or whever it is that the hobbits live)? And how tragic is it that I spent five years at a university studying the greatest writers and philosophers and I've spent the last two hours reflecting on the artisitc merits of Heavy Weights?


  1. And don't forget the cartoon Camp Candy. And thanks for referencing Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts, both were favorties of mine along with Wa-wa-wild and Crazy Kids with Omar Gooding, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s little brother.

  2. oh lars. i'm feeling skinny tony!

  3. All those shows bring me back to when we were kids. I loved all those shows. I think I watched Heavyweights once a week. haha

  4. Todd, I do what I can to represent.
    I am too Lars!
    Kim, I still watch Heavy Weights on sick days.

  5. oh my gosh, and let's not forget the instant classic Camp Nowhere starring 1996 heart throb Andrew Keegan and Christopher Lloyd whose movie career shortly flatlined after the making of this movie.


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