Wednesday, June 8, 2011

cause i'm a creep

It took all of my brain prower and a solid hour of concentration during the latest X-Men installation to finally recognize Hank:

as the boy in About a Boy

When I see a slightly familiar face on screen it nearly kills me when I can't place it. I stop paying any attention to the story and focus solely on the single actor like a kid who has taken way too much of that study drug. I really couldn't tell you what happened in X-Men, but I'm satisfied all the same because I NAILED IT. Just in time, too, because SPOILER ALERT, about 2/3 through the movie Hank transforms into Cookie Monster/Sully from Monsters Inc. and no longer wears the adorable face that once sang Killing Me Softly in front of an entire middle school audience.


  1. oh my goodness! I never would have seen that. You're good. Also, i LOVE about a boy!

  2. i have the same problem in movies, which is why i rely heavily on imdb. i'm glad he has a better haircut in x-men.

  3. Well done! I've lately been watching the "Twilight Zone" and recognizing people all over the place without being able to place them. It's starting to drive me crazy. It's as if I'm starring in my own episode...

  4. I would have pulled up imdb if we weren't in a theater. But we were.


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