Monday, March 21, 2011

you're hot and you're cold

Plate courtesy of Allyson and Jon. Recipe courtesy of Martha.

There are very few things I enjoy more than baking. Maybe that sets women back 70 years. Whatevs. There's just something about a mixer on high speed, beating sugar and butter. It's the happiest sight in the world. And lately I've really gone to town. I've gone through 8 boxes of butter in the past month. 8. Not sticks. Boxes. And I use any excuse to bake. Any sort of gathering becomes a reason to bake a cake or batch of cookies or bars. So when does a hobby become an obsession, and when does that obsession become a problem, and how soon should my loved ones intervene? I'll bring treats for the intervention.


  1. I wish that plate looked as good as the things in it.

  2. This is one good reason why I don't live with you anymore. I can't afford anymore dentist bills.

  3. the second reason is because we're both married

  4. When you start blogging about your baking, its an obsession. Think of that hit Julie and Julia documentary a few years back.

  5. Allyson, it's my go-to plate when I want to look like I have cute plates.
    Ashton, after we outlive our husbands and have dentures, we can be roommates again.
    Cary, are you saying if I continue to blog about food there will be a major motion picture made based on my life?


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