Thursday, March 10, 2011

computer based

Lately I've been wondering it's so difficult to find anything to write about. Then last night, mystery solved.
We went bowling because sometimes we just need to go bowling. Our preferred lanes are in the basement of BYU's Wilkinson center. So we parked in Visitor parking, because we're just visitors now, and headed inside. It was literally ten seconds before some guy walked past, singing to himself at full volume. And that's just it. Campus is full of CRAZYSAUCE people, and I miss them so so much. They added such a unique flavor to my college existence, and proved a never ending well of writing fodder. Now, working fulltime, it's all too normal.
There was a child bowling a few lanes down from us dressed as Mario. Red overalls, hat, the whole kit and caboodle. None of his siblings were dressed in anything extraordinary. Just him.  You go, Mario.

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  1. it's just BYU too, i am convinced. people at GW are not at all that interesting/crazy unless they are homeless. it also might have to do that campus is situated right in the middle of a lot of government offices like the state department. too many boring people walking around.


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