Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I... I...'ve been kissed by a rose

This morning I saw a man using a metal detector on his front lawn. My first reaction, of course, was to mock him. Only inside my own head. But then I realized maybe he lost something. Which reminded me of the time in fourth grade when I lost my CTR ring and I checked nearly every blade of grass outside only to find the ring in a Triscuits box later, and how nice and time-saving it would have been to use a metal-detector. And then I wondered if my CTR ring, once found again, actually helped me Choose The Right, and then decided that at least it helped others choose the right for me which would expalin why I was never once, in my whole public school career offered drugs. Or that could be because I've always looked twelve and I'm sure pushers know that it's a much harsher penalty when they sell to tweens. And how now I wear a wedding ring and maybe it serves the same purpose as my Distribution Center tin, resizable CTR ring, while being a bit prettier.

Am I insensetive, or is it weird when new mothers post very motherly, very graphic details about themselves on facebook?

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  1. i still wear the CTR ring i got in 7th grade! it has even changed shape. i can't bring myself to not wear it any more, lest i stop choosing the right.


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