Friday, January 14, 2011

alright enough

For the past nine months, five days a week, I've driven to the same office building. I get on the freeway at the same place, and exit at the same place. I could make the drive in my sleep (if there were bowling-esque bumpers on the freeway). But today, I missed my exit. Drove right past it. Happy Friday. And for that matter, Happy January. Wait, not. I hate January. So far it's been the longest month ever, and it's only the 14th. Each day feels like two. Each week feels like three. Maybe it's because February holds so many promises. New puppy, Hawaiian vacation, turning 25 (a respectable age), the end of January. Maybe it will even be warmer than 30 degrees (Pray hard.)

50 Cent with his miniature schnauzer named Oprah.

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