Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm talking to you

Walking through the halls of the HFAC is like walking in a nightmare. Eerie sounds seep out of each room. An operatic scale, a minor concerto, and the occasional monologue yelled louder than is necessary. Even though the lights aren't dim and don't flicker on and off and the sound of dripping water hitting cement doesn't echo, it might as well you know?

In other news, Facebook reminds me of those people who redecorate their houses every four months because they're not sure what else to do with their money. Except instead of just painting the walls a new color, they stick the dishwasher in the bedroom and the TV in the kitchen sink and plant flowers in the microwave and cut huge holes in the roof and tie-dye their bricks. Come on Facebook, take your crazy pills.


Don't be shy.