Friday, February 12, 2010

almost as though

Two men in hats approached me on my way to school. They were holding pamphlets, which I assumed to be "The benefits of selling for Apex" or "The Young Ambassador's Anniversary". But instead the miniature booklet was "The Watch Tower" and as Man Number One placed it in my hands he said, "This will help you be happy and wise." And I smiled. Because I said something along those lines at least fifteen times a day for eighteen months. And sure, the hatted men were Jehovah's Witnesses, and sure, we play for different teams, but at least we both like Jesus. And we both know what it's like to stand outside on a brisk February morning. And i'm sure we both know what it's like to hear "Sorry, I'm already __________ (Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Jewish, Mormon). I was tempted to wax anecdotal and tell him just how much I get what he's doing. But then there's nothing more heartbreaking than a potential investigator who really won't progress due to their convictions, and I'd hate to be a tease. So I kept walking.

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  1. I had a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses knock on my apartment door last semester. At first I thought they were lost members of a bishopric, then they started talking. It was surreal. I now have a copy of What The Bible Really Teaches. They didn't ask for a return appointment.


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