Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Through the ragweed and barbedwire

It's cold here. Yesterday, feeling the effects of a week worth of Christmasy treats, I tied my running shoes, pumped up the jams (yeah, I just wrote that- deal with it), and stepped out the front door. Then stepped back inside. 12 degrees. Yeah right. So, much to sweet Mother's dismay, I decided to run up and down the stairs. Our dog Gidget, who is normally hunting down socks to destroy or a family member to terrorize, took interest in my cardiovascular endeavor. Apparently she decided it looked like a good time, and she started to follow. Up, down, up, down. Then she minimized her effort. She ran a few steps down, a few steps up, meeting me in the middle. And then she stopped trying altogether, but still watched. For thirty minutes. The dog who never sits still without a sedative, sat and spectated with a look of utter puzzlement, her head cocked to one side. Mom walked by and muttered, "Stupid Human."

Who decided raisins in any culinary creation was a good idea?


  1. Whenever I bite into a raisin cookie, thinking it's chocolate chip, I pretend to be excited that it's not because it's "healthier"

  2. raisins belong in the box and forever there stay.

    my sister has a dachshund named gidget.

    i admire your attempt to go running. i complain that its 40 degrees in the am here and dont go running.

    i admire further that when you abandoned running outside, you still ran your stairs. i would have gone back to sleep.

    the end.


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