Thursday, July 9, 2009

a noun that gets paid

"You've lost so much weight", she said the after looking through my facebook photos. Really? So much weight? I mean sure, I was heavier. But was I heavier than I thought? Was I the Agustus Gloop of the mission? Should I have never taken myself seriously? It's an unnerving compliment. Like, "you look good today". Hm. How did I look yesterday? Or every other day? Is this the first time I've looked good ever? When someone tells me I've lost weight, the past fatter me takes offense while the present me glows with bigheadedness. Issues you say? Yes.


  1. holy crap. please. I need to show you the picture on my license. my brothers call it my "jolly" picture. it makes my student ID card look like my younger, thinner, tanner, hotter sister - even though it was taken two years later.

  2. I just went through YOUR Facebook pictures hoping to go, "Oh! That girl ate Meg!"

    Ultimately I was disappointed when you always looked good.

    (I rate my past pictures on how good my bangs look. Or don't)


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