Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hey Snow White

Fire alarm. Sounding during Relief Society. So rad. Please don't misinterpret. Church is a wonderful place to be. But come the last half hour I start to really struggle. Maybe it's a blood sugar thing. Or attention deficit disorder. Regardless, when those lights started flashing and the siren blaring, I smiled. So while the females scurried out of the building immediately, the Elders' Quorum said a closing prayer. Which makes me wonder. Almost undoubtedly a drill, sans flames, sans smoke, sans rugged firemen. BUT STILL. It was to be treated as an actual emergency. So a closing prayer? What if it came down to seconds? Is it better to have said the prayer and burn or escape prayerless? Does that lead to a path of metaphorical burning?

I've just set a new goal to blog more often. I've also set a goal to set more realistic goals, which may in fact nullify the first statement. Ladies and gentlemen, the latest side show attraction, Conundrum Girl! Truly, a Walking Paradox!


  1. Dear Meg,

    You are hilarious. Love your blog. Please follow through with that fabulous goal. :)

    Love, Michelle

  2. Your use of the word rad makes me smile just about every time. Love your blog Meg.


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