Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crayola doesn't make a color

There's something on my mind.
A hat.
Give it a second. You'll get it.

Also, I've been thinking.

1. Demolition Derbies

Last night we made the annual Morley Family Pilgrimage to Kamas for the event we anticipate all summer every summer. Within the first 5 minutes a car flipped on its side. We cheered. There was a fire. We cheered louder. The closer the drivers were to dying, the more excited we became. When Britt sent a text from the Heber Derby about a girl being cut out of her truck and taken away in an ambulance, I was jealous.

2. Spasms

When I'm stressed/tired my eyes twitch. Sometimes not together. In fact, usually one at a time. And while I recognize it as a sign that it's time to take a nap, others interpret the "winks" differently. "Did you just wink?" I've been asked far too many times lately. Or not asked...and instead met with a puzzled glance from the wink recipient. The horror of this scenario lies in my ignorance. I can't tell when it's happening, therefore I'm unaware when I've unintentionally flirted with friends, waiters, professors, ex-boyfriends, family members, strangers, women, dogs, bosses, etc.

3. My face

Yes, my picture is in the Ensign. No, it's not my best. Yes, I realize it's a magazine with circulation world wide. No, I didn't know my hair looked like that in the back. Yes, I've been hoping no one would recognize me. No, my hope hasn't helped the fact that EVERYONE has recognized me. Yes, I'm researching anti-double chin products on the internet. No, I'm not able to laugh about it quite yet. Yes, my bishop announced the page number over the pulpit.

4. Him

Well done Jenkins.


  1. you can blame anne. I often do.

  2. yep... you would have loved it. Next ambition: monster truck rally.

  3. Thanks, Meg. This made me laugh. Except the baby part. I never laugh at babies.

    So are you in the August Ensign? Because maybe I hadn't read the July issue yet? And maybe you weren't in it? So maybe you should tell me?

  4. Not only was the only woman driver in the truck derby cut from her truck with the jaws of life. During the women's heat, medics were called out again for a different girl. Her sister who was driving one of the other cars ran up to see, and then fainted in the freshly groomed dirt.

  5. Yes, new post please with the Ensign details. We are moving and could inadvertantly miss an issue as our mail works on getting itself forwarded. This can not happen if your lovely face is in an issue. I will go to the Distribution Center if need be.

  6. I don't need your details. I found it. It will make fantastic wallpaper for the baby's room.

  7. No mention of the lack-luster performance that T-Bone offered this year? It seemed his technique was lacking and even his paint job betrayed an indifference uncommon to this legend of the “sport”. Lets hope he brings his A game next year to challenge the likes of “X-13” and “Glock 9”…

  8. Oh my goodness. He is one adorable baby. Ahhh. Straight from heaven.


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