Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Man in mask.

4 hours taming a shrew. Well, reading it. Outloud. Alone. In my office. Rock bottom? Yes. I became so accustomed to the absurdity that I not only read aloud, but started talking to myself. As though in a movie. However in a movie, we, the viewers, feel comfortable with the character addressing himself, the actor knowing the camera is rolling. But when the footage of my soliloquy, caught on hidden camera, reaches the survellaince moniters, two men in uniforms will turn to each other, shake their heads in knowing despair and say "we've lost another one to Spring term."


  1. lol... I took shakespeare in the spring too! that was crazy. good luck.

  2. I sometimes yell things to myself in my office. But my office is all windows, and in the middle of a busy kitchen. So I'm worried people already know I'm a little off.


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