Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The morn was all abuzz with the news of 20 Americans hostage at sea, their ship commandeered by pirates. Pirates. Piracy is still a career option? I had suspicions about those academic counselors, but know I can say with full confidence that they are not to be trusted. Who withholds information like that? If not so close to graduation, I would trade in the literature for swashbuckling. How long have I longed for the life of scurvy and loose women...


  1. I just wish I could use "Yo ho ho" in common language now a days and not come off crazy. Are phrases like that going to one day make a come back like the flourescence of the late eighties?

    PS Can we run with each other the morning of May 1st? Pretty please?!

  2. omg you blog. I should be writing a paper for a neoaristotlean man.


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