Monday, January 13, 2014

Meck, irishus, and accidental obscenities.

We're rounding the corner on Ivy's second birthday and she has the vocab to prove it, though it takes a fair amount of listening and concentration to determine what it is she's trying to say.

Ivy calls me by my first name, or her version of my first name: Meck. "Meck!" she yells first thing in the morning. "Meck?" she implores while knocking on the bathroom door.

She learned to say "no way", and then decided that "way" belongs at the end of lots of words. Bottles are now called bottle-ways, water is water-way, and popcorn is cockaway.

"Cookie" is a favorite word.

A particularly tasty meal is declared "irishus" (delicious), and she'll say "yum" as she force-feeds her parents goldfish.

Her pronunciation of both "Frog" and "Fork" are extremely profane, as is the way she says "sit."

But some words she's mastered. She still says, "Bye! See you!" but now with so much bravado you would think she was yelling it from the upper deck of a luxury ocean liner to the bon-voyagers on the dock below.

She says "NICE!" every time she throws a ball, and "BUBBLES!" every time she hears bath water running. She can count to ten, but usually counts to 5 and then adds some letters.

Her favorite word by far is Ollie, and she spends all day lecturing the dog, sometimes ending her thoughts with "Amen."

I'll close with a direct quote: "I see Doggie! Woof! Meow?"

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