Monday, June 3, 2013

and mark it with a b

This kid.
So stoked to be in the great outdoors

She's a full blown toddler now, complete with opinions and attitude. Ivy believes that she should be outside every hour of every day. No matter where we are, she finds the nearest door and begs to be let outside. If her request is refused, a tantrum inevitably follows, and I become the mother I've always judged who can't control her kid.

Spotting stairs

Once outside, she searches for stairs. Even though she's toppled down entire flights more than once, she still insists on scaling steps with a bottle in one hand and a leaf or toy or or snack in the other.  


She's also a comedian. She knows the doggy says "woof woof." She was barking at dogs before her first word. But when I ask her, "What does the doggy say?," she responds with "Meow," then laughs hysterically. She cracks herself up all the time. She'll mumble complete gibberish and then hunch over, giggling uncontrollably. 

She never shies away from an opportunity to perform. Her routine consists of: 
-dancing: boucing her knees up and down while flailing her arms all around 
-patty cake: "addy kay, addy kay, roe id, ab it, woo!" 
-peek-a-boo: Trying to cover her eyes with her hands and then pulling them  away and grinning

She's a stubborn little pill but a total delight.


  1. Anytime I see babies laughing at their own jokes, I think about the movie "Baby Geniuses", and then I think about how sad it is that I will probably always think of "Baby Geniuses" whenever a baby laughs at its own jokes, and now the cute baby moment is over, and I wasted it thinking about "Baby Geniuses."

    Curse you, Hollywood, and your terrible movies.

  2. Regrettably, I've never seen Baby Geniuses, but now I feel like I should.


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