Thursday, February 14, 2013

No escape

On the latest episode of This American Life an interviewee said if he ever gets married, he wants an opt out option after seven years. In response, Ira Glass said,

"Actually one of the things that's a comfort in marriage is that there isn't a door at 7 years. And so if something is messed up in the short term, there's a comfort of knowing we made this commitment so we're just going to work this out. And even if tonight there's something wrong or something between us doesn't feel right, we have a comfort in knowing we've got time, we're going to figure this out. And it makes it so much easier. Because you do have times when you hate each other's guts, you know what I mean? And the 'no escape' clause, weirdly, is a bigger comfort to being married than I ever would have thought before I got married."

And it's maybe the best thing I've ever heard.

Happy V-Day.


  1. this is really lovely. I usually go for the super cheesy crap for my v-day love... but this was actually quite lovely. gracias.

  2. What a freaking wonderful sentiment. I'm sendin this one to my sista mish valentine.

  3. Awesome. Also, I love your hair.


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