Monday, February 18, 2013

Ivy loves her goldfish, mom hates her kale

I could swear that the same day Ivy switched to cow milk, she became a toddler.  She's left crawling in her past and become a true biped, a very wobbly biped. She mimics the adults in her life by trying to wear our shoes, putting toys in the dishwasher, holding phones up to her ear, flipping through books while imitating our tone,  pulling our clothes out of the hamper and putting them on herself, petting  Ollie, feeding Ollie individual dog food nuggets one at a time, changing the TV channel and brushing her hair.

She does not sit still unless Elmo is doing something incredibly exciting or she is incredibly exhausted.
She says "Mom" and "Dad" and calls my parents' dog "Ga" (her name is Gidget).

She has a real gift for distributing toys, snacks, socks, shoes, bottles and binkies all through out the apartment. No corner goes un-ivied. 

On a completely unrelated note, I really don't like kale. Why are we all eating kale now?


  1. Kale is NASTY. Unless it is hidden in a smoothie or made into kale chips.

  2. I do not like kale. even though all the cool people in california "love kale" and "it's so great" and "blah blah blah whatever."


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