Monday, November 26, 2012

Double Digits

Ivy enjoying her Thanksgiving meal
Ivy is 10 months old today. I know right?! Didn't you read about 9 months like last week?
At 10 months Ivy is: pulling herself up on furniture, standing for a few seconds, falling less, sleeping less, bathing more, eating more,  crawling at warp speed, shaking her head no, clapping her hands, turning on phones, breaking into baby-proofed cupboards, saying  "mamamama", watching Sesame  Street, playing the ipad piano, feeding Ollie the snacks she's supposed to be eating, pulling hair,  poking eyes, crying when we take things away from her and making us laugh all the  time.
It makes me sad that her babiness will soon turn  to toddlerdom. Toddlers are terrifying and I'm already sturggling to keep up with Earth's Most Active Child. But I'm excited for walking and  words and peanut butter sandwiches and art projects and whatever else lies ahead in the next ten months. If they are anything like the last ten, it will be the time of our lives.


  1. That face is precious. She is gorgeous :) just like her mom!

  2. Thanks, Meagan. You're too nice.

  3. She's so cute. I'm terrified of toddlers, too... Not other people's but my own. They're not 8 months yet and already throwing tantrums. Crap. At least they're cute and good..... Most the time.


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