Thursday, September 27, 2012

Watch out, Brazil, 2016

Longmont is big on dogs. On our runs Ollie and I are often greeted by other dogs confined to fenced yards. By greeted I mean snarled, barked and growled at. It happens so often that it really takes an extraordinary dog to catch my attention.The dog we saw yesterday was indeed extraordinary, to say the very least. This Yorkie ran back and forth behind a two foot fence, barking and jumping. He jumped so high that his hind legs reached above the fence. The two foot fence. He's a Yorkie, one of the smallest of small dogs. If he had any forward momentum he would clear the fence with no problem. Instead he jumps straight up, limbs sprawled, yelping all the way up and down. Too hard to visualize? Don't worry, I made you this picture:

Amazing, right?

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