Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I'm trying to be one of those goal-setting/goal-accomplishing kind of people. I set two goals  for Fall: 1. Train for and run a half marathon, and 2. Learn Spanish. Because I'm a super efficient human being, I decided to do them SIMULTANEOUSLY, that is, listen to my Spanish language tutorials while running. This lasted three days. Running is hard. Learning is hard. Learning while running is terribly hard. Plus, to better absorb el espanol, it's best to repeat the phrases aloud. That made me the crazy lady muttering Spanish under her strained jogging breath running around Longmont. Longmont already has a few crazies and I didn't want to bump our fair city into "several crazies" territory. So it's for the good of my community that I decided to stick to one goal at a time. Solo uno goalo ahora, si? Si.


  1. Meg, I feel like this post is a good example of what is so great about your blog. A funny post that is relatable and self-deprecating. Your blog is a nice mix of subversive humor and adorable baby/puppy pictures. You have found the ratio. Congratulations. I hope my analysis works for you. One BYU english major to another.

  2. Ah, thanks, Derrick. I didn't know you were an English major. Kindred spirits.


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