Monday, November 8, 2010

Cause you can't you won't and you don't stop

Next to Thescariestsevenelevenintheworld, which, fun fact, is two block from my house, is a pair of wranglers. They're in the right lane of the intersection. And they're having a bad day. Tire marked,squished thin as paper, they're on their last leg. No, they're not on any leg. Ha. Pants joke. But who left those pants? Are they running around pantless in So-Pro? And who has so many pants that they can just leave a pair in an intersection? I know I don't. I have three pairs, two that I wear. Don't do the laundry math.

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  1. I have three too! actually, I have four. but that fourth pair has a hole in the butt that I only wear when I'm doing "outdoorsy" things.

    which, I might as well add, is rarely.

    I love you.


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