Monday, October 25, 2010

they can't bring me down

Dear Thief who stole my running shoes,
I have leprosy.

Dear Chicken in my soup at lunch,
I'm sorry I didn't eat you. You were really dry. I hate that you died needlessly.

Dear Needlessly,
Are you a real word?

Dear Thai Village,
Thank you for the soup. It was delicious. But next time, please baste the chicken.

Dear Utah,
Thank you for having streets that are possible to navigate without two separate GPS devices.

Dear California,
Be more like Utah (see above.)

Dear Elko, Nevada,
You don't smell great.

Dear Rain,
Really? Three states and fourteen hours? Really?

Dear Fall,
Thank you for finally letting me dress like Paddington Bear again. It's been a long summer.

Dear neighbors who have built a bed and set out food for the stray cats,
This is called perpetuating a problem. But don't listen to me. I let a chicken die needlessly.


  1. amen to that GPS thing... glad you found my place.

  2. When you don't blog as much. I notice. I like to read your blog, still.

  3. Me too, Britt.
    And Keri, that's very nice of you.


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