Monday, October 4, 2010


Late one night (or I guess very early one morning) we woke to the sound of yelling. Not normal yelling, insanely loud, profane, livid yelling. It was hard to tell exactly what sort of confontation was taking place, because it was only the one dude yelling, but he did repeat "WAS IT BRADY?" many times. And from there it wasn't too hard to deduce that the second person, the one speaking in a normal, too hard too hear voice had done something naughty with Brady. Well guess who showed up on our wireless network list...that's right. Brady. And he doesn't share, so I'm mad at him too.

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  1. similar thing happened to me the first night in my new apartment. crazy drunk lady looking for sarah. SARAH!!! SSSSSSSAAAAAAARAHAAAAAAAH!!

    awesome. and my neighbor yelled out the window, "[a series of profanities] go away" "come down here and make me"

    and then he did. and I was like, "oh I like my neighbors."


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