Wednesday, March 10, 2010

if i wasn't so happy i wouldn't be afraid to die

Someday I might write a book.
Possible titles:
Nutrasweet Only Makes You Stronger
30 Sourpatch Watermelons In Five Minutes And Other Amazing Feats
My Existence Peaked When the Vending Machine Returned My Change With 3 Saqajuia Coins. No, Really
Glad I Brought The Galoshes
Sometimes Amazing Things Happen to Other People
But I Pretend They Happened To Me
Because That Makes For A Much Better Autobiography
Dancing? I Thought That Was A Seizure
Legos And The Thirst For Power
Kickin' It New School: The Tale Of A Young Rockette

What do you think?


  1. if you don't write books with all of those titles, you should at least write essays, because they're all fantastic--i'm already entertained!

  2. my vote is for legos. at least, that's where the priority should be.

  3. I'm also voting for Legos. I've seen Legos destroy so many good people.

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  5. i think you've really got something with "Legos And The Thirst For Power"


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