Monday, March 1, 2010

I don't do too much talking

I was running when an older man started talking to me. I took out my ear buds and asked him to repeat whatever it was he had said. "Why is it that the thin ones run past, and the fat ones walk past eating cream puffs?" he asked, and then I laughed, which encouraged him, and he continued, "Ok I got one for you. A girl brings her boyfriend home to meet her mother. The boyfriend leaves and the girl asks, 'Mother, what do you think of my boyfriend?', to which her mother responds, 'Well, dear, I don't like his hair, I don't like his piercings, and I don't like his tattoos. I don't think he's a very good person.' And then her daughter responded, 'No, Mom, he's a great person. He jest finished three hundred hours of community service.'"

So great.

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  1. I have been talking to my coworker like we're from... you know, deep into Louisiana. the back country, if you will. and this post was a perfect continuation of that.


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