Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what happens when two substances collide

Sometimes, I watch Oprah. Not often, but you know those strange hankerings you get? Maybe for salt and vinegar potato chips? It's like that. It seems as though everytime I tune in to Miss Winfrey, she's talking about the same subject: weight loss. And without fail, everytime I'm eating something very unhealthy. One would assume this would cause shame and emmbarrassment. That I would recognize that even though I'm not the same size as the morbidly obese crying on the screen, one chocolate chip cookie too many may lead down a path only Dr. Oz can correct. Not so. I find it empowering. I saw Super Size Me and ate a Big Mac. I've found that m&ms and The Biggest Loser are the perfect combination. Don't misunderstand. My diet is fairly balanced. And I eat more fruits and vegetables than the given digestive system allows. But for some reason, someone telling me what not to eat makes me want to eat it. Some people get tattoos. Some smoke pot. I consume french fries.
But my coke is always diet.


  1. i can't make myself drink diet regularly. i feel like it's against the laws of nature. but then again, drinking a substance that adds food coloring isn't very natural.

  2. I can't make myself watch Oprah. I feel like it's against the laws of nature. But then again, watching a TV show that adds coloring isn't very natural.


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