Thursday, November 14, 2013

Look, Mom!

I'm writing a book. More specifically, I'm writing the text for a picture book.

The talented illustrator Megan Geilman asked if I would be interested in a collaboration, and my first thought was "No. Too scared." Because I am scared. I'm scared of disease, I'm scared of tarantulas, and I'm scared of publishers. So scared that I haven't submitted anything for publication since college graduation. Without professors to hold my hand or student workshops to validate my work, it's become remarkably difficult to feel confident in my writing. It's a big, lonely world after school, and for the past three years I've been hiding from rejection. But it's time to be brave. So I'm writing a book.

It might take a while. Publishers might hate it. We might print off copies for our families and call it good. Or we might start a kickstarter campaign, release an app, or take advantage of any of the other many options the internet has made available. Regardless I'm writing a book and that's really scary but also really exciting. And the more sketches Megan sends me, the more exciting it gets.


  1. Congratulations and good luck! :) We'll host a book party in CA just for ya.

  2. Meg!! This is huge! You have a TON of supporters, seriously. I am always down for a good childrens book and you're an amazing writer. Can't wait!

  3. Put one order in for this long time fan. Best of luck Meg!

    1. Cary, this made me cry a little bit. Thank you.


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